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Beauty Bra

Welcome to the Beauty Bra.  

This bra is simply the best fitting and most comfortable bra you will ever own.  With 174 sizes and individually fitted to your own body shape you will not only feel comfortable but look great too.  

The bust is supported from underneath with a cleverly hidden shelf not suspended from the shoulders so there is no pull or drag on the back, shoulders or neck.  See already you feel great. 

 This bra suits women in all stages of life from the teenager to more mature ladies and even breastfeeding mums.  It is also a sports bra suitable for all types of physical activity due to it's amazing support.  

If any of the following are a problem with your current bras then contact me for a free no obligation consultation: 

          - Inadequate support?                        - Bounce?
          - Bulge?                                            - Spillage?
          - Straps pull on shoulders?                 - Back strain?
          - Wire digging in?                               - Rash?
          - Straps fall down?                             - Under band folding over?   
          - Riding up the back?                         - Have trouble getting a bra to fit properly?

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